Eruption Bundle Level 3

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Level 1 – Listen to the Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis as many times as you would like.

Level 2 – After you have listened to the Level 1 training audio (preferably more than once), you can begin the Level 2 training.

Each Level 2 recording will include a JOI with the Eruption trigger given in order to bring on your orgasm. Work on your timing – get really good at having your orgasm when I give the trigger.

Then when you’ve mastered timing your orgasm with the trigger, begin to use lighter and lighter touch, until you are able to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm.

Level 3 – Once a Hands Free Orgasm has been accomplished, you are now ready to move on to Level 3, or you may continue to listen to other Level 2

Eruption Level 3 – Cum Your Brains Out

Cum so hard that your brain falls out.

This Eruption MP3 is a level 3 hands free orgasm training file.

Drop down deep into trance, where your arousal is heightened. The deeper that you move into trance, the more you feel your self awareness and mind dropping down between your legs. When you cum for me, your mind is going to drain away, and leave you blank, empty, and ready to be programmed.

As you lay there, mindless, I will take the opportunity to brainwash you into becoming a better servant. Deep programming to increase your craving, need, and desire to show me what a good boy you can be. There will be a post-hypnotic suggestion to complete a slave task to please me.

Eruption Level 3 – Blowjob State Of Mind

A hypnotic blowjob that sounds real & feels real, using 3D audio technology!

In this erotic 3D hypnosis, Level 3, Eruption Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst tricks your mind into thinking that your orgasm erupts from an amazing blowjob; but it’s really the power of her voice & words that cause you to orgasm.

I induce trance (in regular stereo) and ask you to use your mind to draw me into your room.

I appear in your room (in 3D sound) and tease you with my large, round, beautiful tittles. It makes you so very weak. As I lick my fingers and pinch my nipples right in front of you, it sends a jolt of erotic electricity through every nerve of that swollen cock.

I lean in close to whisper right in your ear, and notice some fuzz. I clean out that pesky little piece of fuzz, which provides a nice ASMR effect. It’s very important that you hear every word I say very clearly, because it is the power of my voice and my words that will make you cum today.

I will demonstrate this for you through a very realistic blowjob. The brilliant aspect of having you so very trained, is that you won’t orgasm until I give the trigger. I take advantage of this by rubbing my pussy while giving you a blowjob, timing it just right so that we orgasm together. This is difficult to do in a regular relationship. But with you, my well-trained boy, I can make this happen very easily.

Eruption Level 3 – Eruption – Mmm Deeper Baby

An intimate fantasy experience

In this Level 3 Eruption Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst sheds the FemDom & Submissive roles to treat you to a night of sexual intimacy.

I’m waiting for you at our favorite hotel, dressed in a leather corset & black stockings. Once you arrive, I drop you into a deep, erotic trance. I carefully implant the phrase “Mmm Deeper baby” within your mind, which will arouse you beyond comprehension when I whisper these words in your eager ear.

In your hypnotized state, the intimacy of our evening begins with deep passionate kisses, roaming hands, mutual oral sex, and eruptive sex.

I want you… Mmm Deeper baby. Deeper in trance… Deeper in passion… Deeper inside of me